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Sara Creates an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Over Your Competition

“The market is crowded, competition is fierce, and consumer attention spans are depressingly short. Finding a way to differentiate your brand gives you more than just a competitive edge — it can change the rules of the game.” – Jerry Jao, CEO of Retention Science on Entrepreneur.com

Lurking down the street is a dealership poised to snatch up your clients. Do you have the resources and expertise to overcome their technological superiority? Can YOUR organization stop them from devouring your customer base? Since fear, frustration, and failure threaten your survival, you need an unfair advantage to come out on top. Sara and BDC Builder provide cutting edge internet and phone training for anyone and everyone within your organization that communicates with clients — on the lot, via email, through social media, and by handling incoming sales calls — and even your receptionist. Sara is the only consultant in the automotive sector using this unique approach. Her expertise with BDC Builder provides dealers with a one-stop-shop to get a critical competitive edge in the marketplace.

Sara is a relentless performer, and she’s passionate about sales, service personnel development, and digital marketing for the automotive business. She founded BDC Builder on the principle that putting sales first and marketing second produces superior sales, service, and ROI. Her record of accomplishment includes operational turnarounds within 90 days for several struggling organizations.

Sara is a driving force with the resources and expertise to change the rules of the game and create an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competition by overcoming the challenges your dealership faces.

What Are the Primary Challenges Your Dealership Faces?

Every dealership faces challenges that paralyze their sales and service teams, and ultimately, their organization’s bottom line via lower ROI. Common dealership pain points your organization is battling with might include:

  • Lazy sales associates, who take shortcuts during the sales process, fail to close, and/or ignore adequate follow-up procedures.
  • Frequent turnover of staff, which requires costly new employee training and revenue losses due to job lag (costs leading up to a replacement employee reaching optimal productivity. – Training Journal)
  • Difficulties related to attracting new sales and service team talent.
  • Placing too much focus on ecommerce, which increases your frustration with the rising costs of technology and digital marketing.
  • Duplication of services, which puts a strain on financial and personnel resources available to your organization.
  • Personnel in your marketing department have little to no experience working in the automotive space.

If your organization faces one, some, or all of these issues, you are probably watching your bottom line plummet. Your company may even be struggling to survive. Some organizations respond to these challenges with Band-Aid solutions, which are doomed to fail over time.

Your organization does not have to continue down this destructive path. Through better training and the development of a marketing plan designed to sell more cars, you can turn things around. Want to start capitalizing on the personnel, tools, and resources you already have? That’s where Sara and BDC Builder come in.

Sara Shabana | Founder

I want you to experience a new way of thinking

My goal is to show you and your team how to improve your business and sales abilities with techniques that immediately boost productivity and return-on-investment. I will open your mind to new ways of thinking so you can apply the most advanced digital techniques of the 21st century while keeping a smile on your face.