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Are your leads producing sales?

BDC Builder will help you understand why and increase your conversions.



A full dealership assessment is provided to determine current processes, areas of opportunities, and necessary changes.

The Plan

Following the assessment a detailed proposal and game plan is presented to effectively strategize growth per the dealerships needs.


We determine how many people are needed to run an effective Business Development Center (BDC) and if the sales and service teams will accept phone specialists.

Sara Shabana | Founder

I want you to experience a new way of thinking

My goal is to show you and your team how to improve your business and sales abilities with techniques that immediately boost productivity and return-on-investment. I will open your mind to new ways of thinking so you can apply the most advanced digital techniques of the 21st century while keeping a smile on your face.

Available Training Services

In-Store Sales and Service BDC Training

A customized on-site training program tailored to your dealerships needs. With sales and service training, we utilize best practice techniques to increase conversions. We offer coaching, training and staffing.

Online Sales and Service BDC Training

Our Dealer Academy program gives you the tools to learn anytime, anywhere! Our online BDC sales and service training includes course videos, quizzes and best practice guidelines. 

Do You Want Your DealerShip To Be Profitable Month-After-Month?

The challenge of BDC is to understand dealership operations, sales, service, marketing and market analysis from top to bottom. The secret to succeeding in this complicated endeavor is to take responsibility for the entire process. This means building and training the right team of highly motivated individuals so they will work together with the common goal of boosting sales and providing excellent service to customers.

Since 2005, when I began my career in Dealership Business Development, I have worked in every department in dealerships, with the goal of thoroughly understanding each and every process completely.

Armed with those years of experience and a deep knowledge of automotive sales and service, I achieve the goal of doing everything to make a dealer profitable while still providing the best possible service to customers. The challenge is to build a team using existing staff and recruiting new team members as needed, then training them to outstanding levels of performance. Everyone is held accountable, supported, and given what they need to be successful.

That’s what leadership is about – it’s not just the title, it’s empowering people to do their best and deliver results.

I believe in using data to make the business successful. Anyone can rotely throw up a mediocre banner or send out a mindless advertising campaign. However, to truly raise a dealership to a new level requires understanding customers and their motivations and to deliver the precise message needed at the exact right time to convert lookers into buyers.

Using all of the data available, I get with the dealerships to put together a strategic plan and work with them to execute each step, analyze the results, and make corrections as required. Every step is intended to make a dealership profitable.

BDC builder is the full package.

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